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china wallpaper manufactuer


Chiping New Decor are wallpaper manufacturer in china .

New Decor wallpaper specification:


Wallpaper Brand Steinway, Beidi,NEW DECOR
Material PVC wallpaper /Vinyl wallpaper, No-woven wallpaper
Roll Size 0.53x10m / 5.3m2/roll
Paper weight 220g -420g 
Packing 9 rolls / 12 rolls/16 rolls
Album 17 albums ,Every year 8-10 new design albums developed
Standard QB/T3805-1999 ;GB18585-2001


Installing Vinyl Wallpaper

1、Apply primer to the wall. Choose a primer that is made to prepare walls for papering, as this will help the new vinyl wallpaper to adhere to the surface when you install it.

2、Spread adhesive on the sheets of vinyl wallpaper. You will need to use special vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive because regular adhesives will not adhere the wallpaper to itself in the areas where it overlaps. Use a mohair-covered paint roller for the adhesive application.

3、Apply the vinyl wallpaper to the primed wall in the same manner that you would apply any type of wallpaper. This is accomplished by following the top-line to apply the sheet. Leave a small overhang where you will trim the paper later in the process, after you have applied it to the wall and smoothed it out.

4、Smooth the vinyl wallpaper with a short bristled smoothing brush, working from the center out to the edges of the paper. Because vinyl is heavier that other wallpapers, you'll need to use 3;/4 inch bristles because they are sturdier than those on a regular wallpaper smoothing brush. A regular brush will no adequately smooth the vinyl wallpaper.

5、Once you have applied three to four pieces of vinyl wallpaper, trim it and inspect it carefully for any blisters. If you find blisters, puncture them carefully with a needle. Squeeze the area to force out any air or adhesive that was trapped inside.

Tips & Warnings
If you are using a particularly heavy type of vinyl wallpaper, the short bristled brush may not be able to adequately smooth it. With this type of paper. Use an item with a hard, straight edge, such as a yardstick or board.

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